EZ RJ45 Crimp Tools

EZ RJPRO HD Crimp Tool
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Two types of crimp tool are available, the EZ RJPRO HD crimp tool (see left) and the EZ RJ45 crimp tool (see below).

The EZ RJPRO HD crimp tool is a precision made tool built with a zero flex frame which wraps competely around the connector during the crimp. This reduces distortion of the connector and keeps the connector stable, applies the maximum compression force to the connector and ensures that crimps are accurate and reliable. With it's ratchet action and increased leverage, this HD tool is capable of terminating larger diameter cables with the least effort.
RJ45 and RJ12/11 terminations can be made using this tool which both crimps and trims the conductors at the same time. The reliability of the termination means fewer wasted crimps, less wasted time and jobs completed quicker. All blades are replaceable so the tool can be relied upon throughout its lifetime. This tool carries a three year warranty.

EZ RJ45 Crimp Tool
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The EZ RJ45 crimp tool crimps RJ45 and RJ11/12 connectors and trims the excess from the connector at the same time. If using the integral EZ strain relief, this is also locked into place. The tool produces a repeatable, reliable crimp time after time owing to its precision build. Wire cutters and strippers are built into the tool and all blades can be replaced to ensure the terminations are always perfect.