An Introduction to EZ RJ45

The EZ RJ45 system has been designed to make terminations fast, easy and reliable.

You can push the conductors all the way through the connector as shown in the image on the left. This allows you to check the conductors before you crimp to make sure that they are in the correct sequence. The crimping action crimps the connector securely to the cable and trims off the excess conductors in one easy action. Because you can both push and pull the connectors through, you can minimise the distance between the twists and the end of the connectors. This ensures that you are conforming to the relevant specifications for Cat5e or Cat6 networks and maximises the speed of the connection. The end result is a fast termination that is both accurate and reliable - no wasted crimps and less time re-making connections.

The EZ RJ45 system is so easy that minimal training is required- another great time saver. The termination is done in four easy steps - see the video on the right. All you need to do is strip the outer jacket away, straighten the conductors and align them in the correct sequence, slide on the connector as far as is possible, then crimp with the special EZ RJ45 crimp tool.

The EZ RJ45 system works with Cat5, Cat5e and Cat6 cable, shielded and unshielded. Tools and connectors are precision engineered to ensure perfect reults every time and there are two styles of crimp tool to choose from. Strain relief is also available for all cables. Please see the tabs above for further information on tools and connectors.

ez rj45 crimp tool video
ez rj45 quotes
ez rj45 quotes